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What Our Guests Are Saying

"Heaven! It was such a lovely experience. All the details were wonderful: the luxury of hands soaking in rose petals; the ambience of fairy lights and candles; the feeling of being wrapped in luscious pink warm and cosy coverings; the divine head and neck massage and hair treatment; and the healing and relaxing sound bowl meditation. I loved every little bit." - Suz

"Amazing would definitely recommend to other pregnant women like myself, I’ve had a lot of anxiety about labour and todays session helped me release some of that anxiety" - Hayley

"Beautiful Relaxing. Soothing. Mindful. De-stressing. Beck goes to so much trouble to ensure everyone’s individual needs are met." - Helen 

"I loved everything about my time, from the feeling of my hands in the warm water, to the flavour of tea! The afternoon was relaxing from the moment I stepped in the door.  I walked away feeling like I had been re-born! Completely refreshed." - Deb

"From the moment l arrived, Beck made me feel very comfortable and at home with the beautiful ambience, soft lighting, peaceful music and a lovely glass of wine. I felt totally pampered and nurtured throughout the whole experience. I just loved the scalp massage, and the sound bowls were absolutely divine! I can honestly say that l loved everything about my experience. And I walked out of the salon like a new person, and slept like a baby that night. I would definitely recommend this to a friend or family member."  Rachel

"Becks nature made the experience so calming. Her voice and tone completely changed the space and created a relaxing experience. I had never had a soundbath experience before and the meditation was absolutely beautiful. I found myself being able to take the time and energy to focus on feelings and thoughts that I definitely needed to process and the entire experience helped me do that." - Kimmy



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