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Relax with Us

Beautiful soul, let me take you on a journey of pure uninterrupted relaxation and bliss. In 2022 I put together a little package in the salon which focused solely on relaxation. Set an intention, you say? Done. Relax - and give your body time to heal. How? With nourishing treatments and the power of sound.

Over my 26 years in the hairdressing industry I have become increasingly aware of the need to provide a more holistic therapeutic space as a hairstylist and therapist.  I have seen people come into the salon with hair falling out, due to a number of things, one of which is stress.


I have also noticed people coming and sitting in the salon chair speaking insecurely about how they perceive themselves to look.


Finally, as a vocalist I have heard people tell me that they cannot sing but would like to. 


All of these conversations have caused me to take a giant leap and not redirect as such, but expand my services into holistic therapeutic experiences that care and nurture you from the inside out. This is why I am here. This is the holistic hair and sound healing suite and community I have created for you. I hope that you find it a safe and nurturing space where you can feel completely nourished and that you can find renewed confidence and the calm and refuge that you need away from life’s hectic, joyous but also sometimes painful and uncertain journey. You are welcome in my space.

Love Beck 

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